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The 21st Annual Sears DX High School Design Competition

This competition promotes the study and awareness of various design disciplines in high schools across Canada. It is open to all high school students, at the junior (grades 10 and below) and senior (grades 11 and above) levels.

1st Place
W. Zhang


Category: GRAPHIC JR

Aren’t elephants a lot of fun? (They are.)

And if you didn’t think so, my cereal box/brand design will make you think twice.

2nd Place
C. Poon


Category: GRAPHIC JR


My cereal box design is targeted towards children to young adults, between the ages of 6-15. Although this was created to captivate children, healthy ingredients written in the front helps attract their parents. Seeing healthier ingredients and the benefits that it brings, it help persuade them to purchase the product.

3rd Place
L. Lin

Category: GRAPHIC JR


This idea inspired the design of a buildable rhinoceros that would be created using the letters RHINO. Not only would the children be able to learn a new word and association, they could create the rhinoceros after eating the cereal.


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