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Launched in 1992, the Applied Arts Awards are the only competition in Canada that recognizes the creative work of professionals across the visual communications sector, from image makers to advertising executives to designers.


Issue: December 2017


 I wanted to feature the cliché but uplifting motto: “broken crayons still colour” in a print-ad style poster. Sometimes, in the face of adversity, everything seems bleak. But even if the situation seems impossible and the problem unsalvageable, the fruit of our labour can still be bright and full of life; all it takes is a little time.


Student: L. Lin

Category: Illustration -Series

The Elementa brand incorporates the five human senses, raw superfoods and experiential design in each product. Inspired by the environment of each ingredients origin, Elementa’s packaging emulates the landscapes of various countries and offers a unique sensory experience through textured materials.


Student: N. Sowinski

Category: Illustration -Series

 It's amazing the connection we share with nature. Awakening is one of them. Each morning, we wake up as updated versions of ourselves, just as a caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to transform into a butterfly. In the negative space of my model stretching awake is a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time. This reborn butterfly is made of cut up acetate shards splattered with ink, resewn following the pattern of a monarch.


Student: L. Lin

Category: Illustration -Series

Urashima Taro, a fisherman in a Japanese folktale rescues a suffering sea turtle which transforms into a goddess and takes Urashima to an undersea palace. Rising up from the crashing waves, Kame no Megami, the sea turtle goddess,  is depicted alongside her turtle companions, with a fishing spear in one hand and turtle eggs in the other. Character created in Adobe Illustrator, with a watercolour background.v



Student: E. Chung

Category: Illustration -Series

How do they stay in the sky?

Maybe they're not singing

Maybe they're just screaming and it's all a lie.


-Grimes & Bleachers, Entropy


Maybe They're Just Screaming is inspired by an absurd lyric. The lyric is printed in india ink (with a linoleum block) onto a grotesque background (watercolour) depicting Eastern bluebirds emerging from screaming mouths. The juxtaposition of the songbirds and the mouths illustrate the idea that there may be something sinister lurking in everything beautiful.


Student: W. Zhang

Category: Illustration -Series

Broken Crayons

Elementa                            (top)


Urashima Taro

Maybe They're Just Screaming


Applied Arts opened up a High School category in photography, illustration, interactive, advertising and design, for students at secondary institutions.  Here are the 2017 CyberARTS Applied Arts Award winners.


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