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Launched in 1992, the Applied Arts Awards are the only competition in Canada that recognizes the creative work of professionals across the visual communications sector, from image makers to advertising executives to designers.


Issue: December 2016


This piece was spurred by the theme of dreams. Whenever, I feel confused, or if I am facing a problem in my life, I will have vivid dreams, which are an escape for me. Here, a girls ventures out in a dream world but feels lost and disconnected despite encouragement from her imaginary friends.



Student: L. Wu

Category: Illustration -Series

The black rhinoceros is among the most endangered animals in the world. Despite being protected by law, their numbers are threatened by constant hunting and habitat loss. Fortunately, the past few years have seen an increase in numbers, albeit only a small amount. This pencil-and-ink illustration is dedicated to not only these majestic beasts, but all animals whose population struggle in the daily fight for survival.



Student: A. Zhang

Category: Illustration -Series

Life with a sibling can be turbulent, and often has its ups and downs. Through the use of vivid colours and intricate patterning, "double" is a piece that explores the identity of my younger sister and the ups and downs of her relationship with me as an older brother.



Student: J. Long

Category: Illustration -Series

At the African Lion Safari one summer, I took a snapshot of an ostrich seconds before it began violently rapping its beak against the car window in an effort to maim me. The result was the capture of its comically grumpy expression, behind which I layered ornate grey-scale patterning (both geometric and organic) to frame and juxtapose my awkward-looking subject.



Student: W. Zhang

Category: Illustration -Series

"Just a Little Bit" is a portrait of Maria Mena, a Norwegian pop artist. Her lyrics spoke to me and helped me through a dark period in my life– in fact, you'd probably find out more about me through her lyrics than I would divulge regularly. "Just a Little Bit" shows victory over the past.



Student: J. Xie

Category: Illustration -Series

Where will I Go?

Rarer Than the Unicorn          (top)


Grumpy Bird                          (top)

Just a Little Bit


New for this year! Applied Arts opened up a High School category in photography, illustration, interactive, advertising and design, for students at secondary institutions.  High School entrants must be grades 9 through 12 and are considered by our judging panel under regular criteria of creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use. Congratulations to the 2016 CyberARTS Applied Arts Award winners.


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